Monday, October 4, 2010

A Day in the Life of Jaymian

You know, I think I could get used to being in Chicago.... ; )

Saturday, Jayme and I got up early for a day full of sightseeing, Badger watching, and of course, WALKING! Despite the chilly and rainy weather, Jayme and I walked all the way down Michigan Avenue (picking a pretty snazzy Northface jacket on the way ; ) to Millennium Park where we got to see the BEAN! I had never been to the bean before, so it was SUPER fun taking a million crazy pictures. I'm not a professional photographer by any means, but I think at least some of our pictures turned out pretty cool! If you are getting married in Chicago, I would definitely think about going to Millennium Park for engagement or wedding pictures. Not only would you get the pretty outside garden shots in the park, but you could do some really fun things with the features in the park, like the bean, or the founders fountain. If you are goingto be in that area, Allori Photography has some good shots at the bean, also Huffaker Photography has some really cool pictures as well.

After the long walk home in the rain, I was ready for a good brew, burger, and some Badgers! Luckily there was a Wisconsin bar right behind Jayme's apartment in the city! The bar was called the Cedar Hotel, and they had a mighty good cheeseburger if I do say so myself. The only disappointing thing, besides the score of the game, was that they didnt have any Wisconsin beers (besides Miller lite) for us cheese heads to enjoy. A Spotted Cow sure would have hit the spot, but my Goose Island 312 did the job fine ; )

I know it seems that the day couldnt have gotten more exciting, but o yes, it did. That evening was most exciting because I got to see my cousin Chad and his lovely girlfriend Mary Kate! Because both of our dads moved away from Michigan before we were born, we didnt really get to see much of each other growing up. I have always been in the Midwest and Chad and his brother Jake were in California and Missouri and all sorts of crazy places ; ) So when we finally get to see each other, its a big deal! We celebrated by getting margaritas and appetizers at Blue Agave and then walked down to Bootleggers where Chad and I were robbed by one cup in beer pong! I had such a good time catching up with him and meeting Mary Kate, I cant wait till the next time I see them (hopefully as family and as clients ; )

Song of the Day: To go along with my excitement to see my cousin, the song of the day is all about being proud of your family and your name, however its okay if you go your own way and maybe do things a little bit differently. "Family Tradition" always makes me smile, and not just because of Hank Williams Jr's twangy smoothness ; )

"Don't ask me Hank why do you drink? (Hank) why do you roll smoke? Why must you live out the songs that you wrote? If I'm down in a Honky-Tonk Some ol' slicks tryin to give me corrections I'll say leave me alone I'm singin all night long it's a family tradition"

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