Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Event Week!

Hi All!

So I am still new to this blogging world so please be patient with me! I really want to get some sort of blog up everyday, its just finding the time to sit down and do it everyday! I have been taking pictures everyday so I do have blog ideas, I just need to formulate them into something you guys will actually care about : )

Anyway, one of the reasons I am so busy lately is a couple of the events I have been working on for my summer internships have been this week. The first one that was yesterday was for Rebuild Resources, an awesome non profit here in St. Paul. Rebuild Resources is a non-profit enterprise helping recovering men and women rebuild their lives through the most powerful social program of all: A job.

I have been working at Rebuild since May and did their 21st Annual Golf Tournament which was up at the beautiful Fox Hollow Golf Course in St. Michael, MN. Here are some pictures of the huge raffle we did.

Yesterday was Rebuild's Annual Open House and their first ever Graduation ceremony for the 2009-2010 Program Graduates. After months of preparations of getting food, visual aids, tour guides, mailings, and other logistical things wrapped up, everything came together for a wonderful day of food, fellowship, and CELEBRATION! We had a ton of contributors, customers, and community members come for the open house tours.

I just want to thank everyone at Rebuild for making my summer internship so awesome, especially my boss Joanna who did an amazing job with all the events we did! Check out the story that WCCO's Don Shelby did on Rebuild Resources and if you ever need any kind of custom apparel or manufacturing done, Rebuild is the place to do it! That's where this year's Szott Sand Volleyball Benefit shirts were from! : ) Check it out! www.rebuildstore.com

The second event I am working this week is for my other summer/fall internship with The Family Partnership, formerly Family and Children's Services. Yesterday kicked off the first day of the Alliance Civic Engagement Training Institute at the gorgeous Paul and Sheila Wellstone Neighborhood House in St. Paul.

In brief the conference is held semi-annually to bring members from several organizations around the country to learn more about civic engagement strategies that will help them serve their communities. Its a cool conference and hopefully I will be able to sit in on some speakers. This was my first event that was more conference/meeting focused and one of the biggest parts that I worked on is probably one of the most important...THE FOOD! Haha I am happy to say that all of the conference participants will be well fed this week from some of the fabulous eating establishments that St. Paul has to offer, including:

So if anyone needs some contacts in the St. Paul food community, I'm your lady ;) Now I am getting some downtime between setting up and running out to get the meals so look for another post soon!

O' I almost forgot! I also wanted to do some fun daily things that I am interested in, and may spark some new interests for you! One HUGE thing that I love is music. I this is totally dorky but I dont think I can go one day without singing out loud. All day long I am listening to music and I just cant help but belt it out, especially rockin' in my car with my shades on :D In addition to singing, finding and listening to new music is also one of my favorite things which is why I am going to try and do a song of the day type of thing. So check out my song of the day, and if you have any suggestions for songs let me know!

Today I chose "You've Got You" by Eric Hutchinson cause its got a cool, funky beat and I really like the lyric " You've got you to blame for what to do to you, there's nothing shocking so it must be true." It just kind of gets me pumped up to to better and be awesome because there is no one else that you can blame or attribute what happens to you besides yourself. So go out there and rock out!!

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