Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pretty Petals

So I am a true believer in finding inspiration everywhere. Whether its the color of the sky when the sun drops into the horizon (my favorite hue of gold ; ) or the font on a street sign that grabs your eye. Because of this I've decided to take at least one picture of something that inspires me everyday, so not only can I draw on ideas for my events, but my brides can also look and see something to trigger their dream : ) And of course, its some pretty pictures and cool information you all get to look at!

This first entry is actually from yesterday, when I had my lunch break between my two summer internships. Snagging a iced green tea from the Starbucks on Snelling (yum!) I wandered across the street to A. Michele, a very funky and cool boutique with lots of fun clothes, baby stuff (I mean who doesnt love baby stuff ?) and most of all JEWELRY! Although I generally stick to my everyday accessory staples, I would love to be much more fashionable and trendy with some fun bling.

Although I could totally use one of the gold and diamond infused big belt buckle belts, my eye was immediately drawn to these super cute jeweled flower cuffs. I am a HUGE fan of cuffs, and an even bigger fan of FLOWERS, so the combo of these two was perfect! This cuff could be a lovely accessory to any bridesmaid dress, or even your own white gown if you are drawing inspiration from a free, summery wedding. I am somewhat biased towards real flowers in weddings and events, however when the blooms are crafted so well, be it in jewels, sequins, silk, fabric, or you name it, one cant help but be in awe of the long lasting pretty petals.

So check out A. Michele for some fantastic finger fillers, neckline nuzzlers, and wrist wrappers to make your special day, or everyday, a little more sparkly!

A. Michele Boutique - 1591 Selby Ave. St. Paul, MN 55104

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