Sunday, September 26, 2010

Leg One: Lacrosse

First day of "The Great Midwest Roadtrip" was a definite success!!

Sorry I missed the post yesterday, Oktoberfest was a ton of fun! After I made the long detoured route to Lacrosse (a lot of the highways in Southern Minnesota were closed due to the flooding on Thursday) I finally got to Wisconsin and got to see some of the beautiful bluffs that that area is famous for. I didnt see much color on the way down, but the views were still really nice! Once I was in Lacrosse I got hang out with two of my favorite people, Lindsey and Aaron Sjobeck, and celebrated some great German/Lacrosse culture at the same time! Probably one of the funnest things I liked about yesterday was the parade, which lasted almost five hours! There were tons of people lining the streets, with lots of music, food, and of course, beer ; )

If there is one thing that I love about being a wedding planner, it is hearing stories about the couple; like how they met, how he proposed, why they are meant to be with each other :) So seeing as the Oktoberfest parade is attended by thousands of spectators and potential couples, I got to wondering how popular parade engagements were. I dont think a parade proposal is exactly my style, but I would have loved to see one on Saturday! So I looked around and found a couple of stories of parade question popping:

- In a lovely sounding town of Faith, New York a young man chose the Annual Fourth of July Parade as the day to propose by riding through the parade in a car with a sign asking, "Will you marry me?" According to the Salisbury Post, "though spectators weren’t sure of his name, hundreds saw him drive up and propose, and she got in the car, and they drove off together." How cute is that? I wonder if it was one of those old-timey cars that are always in parades....

- Here is a video of another Fourth of July parade proposal, this time in LaPorte, IN. The groom to be must have worked for a jeweler in the town and the team built a giant ring box of which he popped out and popped the question to the bride to be when they came to where she was watching the parade. Haha its so corny, but so cute it just warms my heart watching it!!

- O my gosh this story is so cute, being from MinneSNOWta, I always think winter proposals are really romatic. It doesnt say on this post what city they were in, but regardless its super cute. (The story about the parade proposal is all the way at the bottom of the page)

So there are just of couple of parade engagement stories, if you have one or know of any let me know!

Song of the day: One of my new country favorites, "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland. Not only does it go with the proposal theme of the blog, but I also heard it a million times yesterday, blaring from various houses in Lacrosse :) Plus the music video is absolutely hilarious!

"There you go making my heart beat again, there you go making me feel like a kid, wont you do it, do it one time, there you go pulling me right back in, and I know, I'm never letting this go, I'm stuck on you ; )"

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