Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Leg Three: Milwaukee

So sad to leave Madison this morning, I think I might have to stop in quick on the way back at the end of the week ; ) Luckily I got to top off my marvelous Madison visit with breakfast with the beautiful Miss Erin at the Madtown chow-down hot spot Mickies Dairy Bar on Monroe. I am a BIG fan of breakfast, and Mickies has got to have one of the best morning munchies menus EVER. Not only is the food uber delicious, the portions are absolutely HUGE and the prices are ridiculously cheap, even for poor college students. They even have menus on the walls from when they originally opened in 1946, and even then their prices were awesome ($.75 for a three egg omelet? Yes please!)

After filling my belly with a oooey-gooey ham-mushroom-and cheese omelet I hit the road again, setting my sights on the horizon and my wheels on I-94 to Milwaukee. I really enjoy the Milwaukee city feel, they have a lot of big sky scrapers and old architecture buildings that are really cool. With some time to kill before my date with mono-y Meghan, I stopped in at Steamer's Coffee on Water Street for a large latte. The place is pretty cool, latte was good, and free wi-fi is always a plus.

In addition to getting some work things done at Steamers, I got a chance to put in place my next project : ) One of my favorite blogs that I have been following for some time now is The Healthy Tipping Point, a great general healthy living blog. In addition to supplying some really good vegetarian recipes (I'm not a vegetarian but I LOVE vegetables : ) Caitlin, the blogger, started this amazing movement called Operation Beautiful which is a crusade to end negative, self esteem hurting thinking, which she has artfully called Fat Talk. The action behind the idea is to leave uplifting or inspirational messages in public places where women everywhere can see them and feel good about themselves! It is amazing how just a smile or a post-it saying "You are Beautiful" can change someones day!

So on a Target run yesterday I picked up a bunch of Post-its and a sharpie and am pleased to present you with my first Operation Beautiful postie! I hope the ladies at Steamer's Coffee will like it!

Song of the Day: Rockin on with the free spirit of "The Great Midwest Roadtrip" my song of the day is "Wildflower" by Janedear Girls. Listening to this song makes me want to pull over on the side of the highway and just run through one of the open fields next to the road! Haha!

"I'm a wildflower, growing in the sunshine, soaking up the way of life, I was raised in. Running barefoot, blooming in a summer shower, ponytail dancing, I cant help it, I'm a wildflower"

Bravo Beverage: Last night when Colin and I were at Bluephies, I was totally overwhelmed by all the drink choices they had at the "Vodkatorium"! I was finally able to make a selection: The Red Bullet. Made with Tanqueray gin, red lillet, peach liquor and fresh lime juice, the piece resistance of the drink is the peach sugar lining the glass. It was soo good, and I wont lie, I was a little sad when the waitress took my empty drink glass away before I could finish the sugar ; ) I feel lame cause I forgot to take a picture of the Bullet, but here is a pretty much what it looked like.

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