Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fabulous Friends : )

I would not be able to do anything without the help of my friends. Not only are my friends just a blasty-blast to hang out with, but we are always doing things that make me smile and bring new ideas to my head! So I would like to showcase some projects that I got to help my two bestest friends with : )
The first one is an event that my friend Dawn has been working on all summer. This past weekend (September 11th, 2010) I helped Dawn the the Lupus Walk for Hope 5K, which she has been working hard at all summer. The event was at the gorgeous French Regional Park in Plymouth and we had to be there bright and early Saturday morning to get all set up! That's one thing about event jobs, you are the first one there at the break of dawn to set up, and the last one there in the dead of night to tear down. It wouldnt have been all bad if the Caribou in Plymouth hadnt lied on their sign and told me they were open at 6:00am when they really werent : (

Anyway....after we got everything set up and organized Dawn's mom Deb and I were in charge of balloon blow up which is always fun, especially when the balloons are my business colors : ) The 5K run/1K walk was a huge success, there was a huge silent raffle that made a lot of money for medical research and the study of lupus genetics. After the tear down (and waiting for AAA to come cause I locked my keys in my car...) we got a free lunch and 2-1 margaritas at Chili's! YUM! Overall it was a great day, and I just want to say Congratulations and Good Job to Dawn and everyone over at the Lupus Foundation Minnesota!

The second thing I want to showcase is a project with my friend Dani for her job. Dani works at Tasks Unlimited as a substance abuse counselor (an awesome one at that I might add ;) and she needed something to get her weekly group members more engaged....thus THE SOBRIETY TEST was born!! Made to be played sort of like Shoots and Ladders, THE SOBRIETY TEST is a game of life choices that can help you successfully climb the ladder to a healthy sober life, or send you spiraling down the slide of use and abuse. The game was a TON of fun to create, mostly cause I was doing the coloring and gluing and Dani was doing the actual work of game questions and such. It only took us about 2 1/2 hours to create and according to Dani, was a HUGE hit at group! So once I work out the final details with Milton-Bradley, you can see THE SOBRIETY TEST on game shelves everywhere! : )

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