Sunday, September 26, 2010

Leg Two: Madison

When You Say WISCONSIN, You've Said It All!!

I started out on my second leg of "The Great Midwest Roadtrip" this morning bright and early so I could get to Madison in time to have lunch with one of my great friends and coaching mentors, Meg! With my Starbucks and Special K in hand, Todd and I celebrated a huge milestone just outside of Lacrosse: the 140,000 mile mark! Good old Todd and I have been through a lot together, I just hope he can continue to stay strong for the rest of our trip! (And yes, for those who dont know who Todd is, he is my car and yes I am one of those people that names their car...)

So once I got in to town, Meg and I had a delicious lunch at Noodles and hit up the Wisconsin vs. Penn State volleyball match. Despite a grand effort and tons of fan support, the Badgers lost to the Nittany Lions in three sets. Although it was sad the girls lost, it was really nice to see everyone and also just watch the game without having to work! Good luck with the season girls, can't wait to see you again when you roll into town to face the Gophers!

Driving around my former place of residence, I realized how much I just gosh darn miss Madison. It is so beautiful here, and the school spirit is absolutely contagious! Maybe I could set something up where I could do some weddings/events here off and on during the year...wouldnt that be nice?

Speaking of Madison weddings, tomorrow I am meeting with my friend Laura Ursin of Brides on a Budget, who not only helped me out during the past school year with a marketing project, but also is a fabulous mentor when helping me start my business! I cant wait to meet up with her, she has so many great insights! Check out her website for some pictures of weddings/events that she has done in the local area, I'm a big fan of the one she was actually just in where Mr. Buckingham Badger made a special appearance, and the bride had these gorgeous green bridal bouquets! (Pictures by Lockstein Photography)

Song of the day: Sticking with the wonderful Madison, Wisconsin spirit, the song of the day is "If You Want to Be a Badger" by the Wisconsin Band (I guess?) I will always be a Badger at heart! GO BIG RED! "If you want to be a Badger, just come along with me, by the bright shining light of, the light of the moon. If you want to be a Badger, just come along with me, by the bright shining light of the Moon!"

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